What will Apple show at its April 20 presentation? Spring loaded

What will Apple show at its April 20 presentation? Spring loaded

Apple today announced its spring presentation. This year it will be held on April 20 and again online. We can be shown the new iPad Pro, AirTag, etc. Below we will tell you in detail what to expect from the presentation.

What will Apple show at its April 20 presentation? Spring loaded


History of Apple’s Spring Presentations

Several Apple events are held each year, including WWDC in June and the launch of the new iPhones in the fall. Often there is another presentation in the fall with new Macs. Last year in the fall, Apple held as many as three presentations: the iPad and Apple Watch in September, the iPhone 12 in October, and the Apple Silicon Mac in November.

Predicting spring presentations is more difficult. In 2020, there was no presentation in the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company unveiled the new iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and MacBook Air in a press release in March. Likewise, the company unveiled the new iPhone SE in April.

In 2019, the spring presentation was entirely devoted to the company’s services: Apple News +, Apple Card, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade. In March 2018, the company presented a new iPad in Chicago.

Details on Apple’s 2021 presentation

This year, the presentation will be held on April 20 and will begin at 20:00 Moscow time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, an online event will take place.

The slogan of the presentation is “Spring Loaded”. The design is bright, but does not contain any hints or hints.

We will be shown pre-recorded videos with Tim Cook and other employees of the company. Read about how to watch the presentation here.

Now let’s talk about what devices the company can present.

iPad Pro

Most of the rumors indicate that Apple will release a new iPad Pro with a mini-LED display in the first half of the year. Mini-LED backlighting will appear on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, followed by the 11-inch iPad Pro.

mini-LED is a new technology for backlighting LCD screens. It has most of the advantages of OLED displays, but is brighter, more energy efficient and less prone to fading. Therefore, Apple plans to use the technology for its devices with larger screens. This year, mini-LED backlighting is also coming to the MacBook Pro.

The iPad Pro 2021 lineup will be the same design as the 2020 lineup. The main changes will be the display and the new processor. Recently, it was found in the iOS code that the new iPad Pro will run on the A14X processor. It has many similarities to the M1 computer processor.

Perhaps the new iPad Pro will have a Thunderbolt connector for accessories, external displays, flash drives, and more. Current models only support USB-C accessories.

Although the new iPad Pro will be unveiled on Tuesday, the company has had some production problems, especially the 12.9-inch model. Initially, tablets may come out in limited quantities. It is also possible that a larger model will be released later.

iPad mini

Apple is also working on a new iPad mini, which may come out this year. It will have an 8.4-inch display with thin bezels around it. The design of the tablet will not change, the company will only remove the thick bezels, the Home button and Touch ID.

Apple last updated iPad mini in 2019. This year the company will improve the tablet’s performance and use a new processor for it.

There are also rumors about a new budget iPad, but it’s too early to wait for it.


Rumors of the AirTag tracker have been around for almost two years now, but now we’re really close to launching an accessory. It will be a small geolocation beacon for finding things.

Recently, the Locator app network began supporting third-party accessories. Everything points to the imminent release of the AirTag tracker.

The AirTag tracker can be attached to a backpack, keys, carried in a wallet, etc. With it, you can easily track all your belongings through the Locator app.

If we can say for sure about the iPad Pro that it will be presented on Tuesday, the AirTag tracker is so far less confident.

Apple TV

Rumors about an updated Apple TV have also been circulating for several years. It is known that the new Apple TV is due out in 2021, but when exactly is unclear.

Recently, it was reported that the new Apple TV will support 120Hz displays, and will also receive a new remote with support for the Find My app.

New Macs?

Apple said it would take about two years to fully switch to Apple’s Silicon processors for the Mac. New Mac models will definitely be released in 2021. The company should update the iMac and release a new MacBook Pro.

New MacBook Pro models won’t come out until the second half of 2021, but the new iMac should come out earlier. The company recently pulled out of the iMac Pro without releasing any alternatives yet.

The new iMac may be shown on Tuesday. Maybe the company will wait for June.

So far, the most accurate guess is the new iPad Pro. They may also show the AirTag tracker, the new iMac and Apple TV. However, all this is not yet certain.

Perhaps there will be few new devices this time. It could be iPad Pro and something else. By the way, at the presentation, the company may announce the release date for iOS 14.5.


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