What’s New in the upcoming 2022 iPad Pro

Apple is expected to announce a new generation of iPad Pro this year. Since this tablet has been rumored for months now, there are some features that will most likely be available in the new generation of iPad Pro. This article rounded up four expected features for the 2022 iPad Pro.

What’s New in the upcoming 2022 iPad Pro

MagSafe support

One of the key features of the new MacBook Pro and iPhone is MagSafe compatibility. It looks like Apple may finally be bringing this technology to the 2022 iPad Pro.

At first, it was supposed that the company would make a solid glass back for this device, but it seems that this will not happen, because the iPad Pro could be more fragile and heavy due to this decision. Apple plans to make a larger, glass-lined logo on the back of the iPad. This will allow you to charge your tablet via MagSafe.

miniLED or LCD


When the rumors about the 2022 iPad Pro surfaced, it was believed that both tablets would come with a miniLED screen. Now analysts Ross Yang and Ming-Chi Kuo have said that Apple will keep the LCD technology for the smaller 11-inch iPad due to high production costs.

“Apple currently offers only one product in this category. While it was previously thought that Apple would also introduce MiniLED in the 11-inch iPad Pro, we don’t think so again, at least this year. Apple is reportedly aiming its MiniLEDs at larger, more expensive displays,” Kuo said in March.

Improved battery life

Apple is working on a new iPad Pro with a larger battery as some users complain that the Magic Keyboard is draining the battery too much.

That being said, while Apple is promising 10 hours of battery life, that means this iPad will be able to complete more complex tasks for longer time, or at least longer when connected with Magic Keyboard or Apple Pencil.

M2 chip in iPad Pro 2022


After Apple surprised everyone by adding the M1 chip to the iPad Pro, it is likely that the company will add an updated version of this processor to the upcoming 2022 iPad Pro. Naturally, this iPad will be equipped with the M2 chip.

9to5Mac sources confirm that the new iPad will feature this processor. It should be faster than the M1, but it won’t outperform the M1 Pro, Max, or Ultra chips.


We can see these features in the iPad Pro 2022. At the moment, it is expected that the tablet may come out at the end of this year, around September-November.

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