WhatsApp announces new tool in partnership with Android and iOS

WhatsApp announces new tool in partnership with Android and iOS

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that makes it possible to migrate messages between smartphones on the Android and iOS (iPhone) operating systems. The information is from the WABetaInfo website, released on Tuesday, 5. According to the media outlet, the central purpose is that the messaging application alerts the user when there is an attempt to link a device with a different operating system to their WhatsApp account.

In this case, you will be asked to update the app to the latest available version. The objective is to avoid compatibility errors between the systems.

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WhatsApp Android & iOS

The new WhatsApp tool is interesting for users of both systems. According to WABetaInfo, the feature will make it possible to migrate the backup of conversations from Android phones to iPhones and vice versa.

Today, each system archives the backup of conversations on different storage systems. Messages from Android users are saved to the Google Drive, while on iOS they stay on iCloud.

But it is not yet known when the option will be available, with only a “future update” of WhatsApp being indicated. As such, there is no specific release date.

How will it be done?

Support for migrating messages between different operating systems appeared in a recent Beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. And everything indicates that the messaging application is mirroring it.

However, it has not yet been confirmed when the new feature will be officially available on WhatsApp. In addition, not all Beta users will see the option to transfer messages. In principle, it will only be released to a limited number of people.

Android phone users interested in testing the new features of WhatsApp Beta must be registered in the Google Play Beta Program and in the option “BECOME A TESTER”. But because it is a limited option, it may be that not everyone has access.

Beta versions may find themselves with greater instability and registering some problems during use. Still, WhatsApp is striving to free access from the same account on multiple devices in simultaneous versions.

Other specialized sites also highlighted that the platform is developing a solution so that it is possible to take chats from one system to another. With that, it will be allowed to use the WhatsApp Web without needing an internet connection on the cell phone.

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