Whatsapp calls now available for KaiOS phones

Whatsapp calls now available for KaiOS phones

The WhatsApp developers remembered the owners of push-button phones and built a very useful feature into the simplified version of their application. It now supports free calls.

We are talking about the development of WhatsApp for the KaiOS platform. It is used on dozens of low-cost push-button phones, including those sold under the Nokia brand.

KaiOS Whatsapp

Calls are made to WhatsApp using VoIP technology, which, of course, requires an internet connection. If you use Wi-Fi or traffic included in the tariff of a cellular operator, you will not have to pay extra for using the Internet, that is, calls will be completely free.

Only other WhatsApp users can call via WhatsApp, and the KaiOS version of this messenger is no exception. It will not work to call a subscriber who does not have WhatsApp installed on his phone or smartphone, you will have to dial his phone number and pay for the call.

There are highly simplified versions of many applications available on KaiOS. This platform is actively supported by Google (both financially and by development), so it has YouTube, Google search and Duo voice chat. You can find out whether KaiOS is installed on a particular phone model in the store (or better on the manufacturer’s website).


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