WhatsApp CEO says ‘Apple doesn’t want anyone using Android’

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In an interview with the podcast Big Technology, The CEO do WhatsApp Will Cathcart talked about the war between the Facebook it’s at Apple, in relation to messaging apps, and spared no criticism of the rival.

Commenting on the new privacy labels from the Cupertino giant, which show how personal data is collected by apps installed on devices with iOS, Cathcart said they are discriminatory and force people to use the iMessage, implying that it is a more secure platform in terms of privacy than the WhatsApp.

“It is certainly in your strategic interest that users do not use an app like WhatsApp. That’s because they (Apple) don’t want anyone to use a cell phone Android”, Said the executive, referring to the North American market, where most people have a iPhone and do not give up iMessage, leaving the messenger belonging to Facebook behind.

The WhatsApp boss says his main phone is Android, but he also says he has an iPhone.The WhatsApp boss says his main phone is Android, but he also says he has an iPhone.

Source: Facebook / Disclosure

The WhatsApp chief also criticized the fact that it is not possible to find much information about the privacy tags of the Apple messenger, as the program comes pre-installed on iOS, instead of being downloaded. When searching the company’s website, he said he found some inconsistencies, such as not detailing the data collected when sending money through iMessage.

Privacy alerts

According to the new labeling system privacy from Apple, as much or WhatsApp as or Facebook Messenger collect a greater amount of data about the user than other apps and services of this type.

In the case of Messenger, there are 65 tags listed by the company, signaling that the program tracks information about the app’s features, third-party advertising and product customization, among other data. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is more modest when watching its users, with 16 tagged tags.