WhatsApp gets new stickers to encourage vaccination against COVID-19

WhatsApp gets new stickers to encourage vaccination against COVID-19

WhatsApp announced on Tuesday (6) a partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch a new sticker pack called “Vaccines for All”. The objective is to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 and to carry the positive message of hope, relief and joy provided by this act.

The sticker pack includes motivational messages, humorous images, cute drawings and thanks to health professionals, the heroes who work on the front lines of the fight against the disease. The content is now available for download in the stickers from the program.

WhatsApp gets new stickers to encourage vaccination against COVID-19
These are the stickers of celebration of the vaccine (Image: Disclosure / WhatsApp)

The application will also feature a chatbot in Portuguese so that users can ask questions about the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and vaccines. All information is 100% reliable and released by WHO itself.

“While vaccines for COVID-19 are distributed worldwide, this new sticker pack aims to encourage their acceptance and represent our hope,” said Andy Pattison, leader of the WHO Digital Channels team. “Vaccines are a game changer, but for now, we must continue to wear masks, follow social distance, avoid crowds, ventilate indoor spaces and keep our hands clean.”

To contact the WHO Health Alert, simply add the number +41798931892 to your contact list and send a “hi” or click on the following link: https://wa.me/41798931892?text=oi.

WhatsApp in the fight against disinformation

With the pandemic aggravated in many countries, especially in Brazil, the authorities have been looking for ways to connect with citizens to clarify the main issues. As it is a new virus, it is common for health technicians, scholars, politicians and opinion makers to mismatch.

According to WhatsApp, the goal is to help governments and international organizations to reach as many people as possible around the world, including the challenge of accessing those who live in hard-to-reach places or belonging to marginalized groups.

WhatsApp gets new stickers to encourage vaccination against COVID-19
WhatsApp is an important source of communication in the world (Image: Aarn Giri / Unsplash)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, WhatsApp has entered into partnerships with more than 150 municipal, state and federal governments, as well as organizations, such as WHO and UNICEF, to offer secure channels of information about COVID-19. In addition, the platform waived the payment of fees normally charged for sending messages through the WhatsApp Business API.

In times of fake news and the spread of rumors, which use WhatsApp precisely to proliferate, the initiative proves to be a positive initiative of the application to combat misinformation. This mission can be facilitated with the use of the app, which is widely used in the country.