WhatsApp new update will let users compress video quality before uploading

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WhatsApp developers are preparing a fresh update. One of the innovations is already available in the beta version of the messenger for Android.

It’s about choosing the quality of the video before sending it. There are three options to choose from: automatic selection at the discretion of the program, better quality and traffic savings. In the first case, the video will be compressed depending on the connection speed (the lower the speed, the stronger the compression and the less the sent file will weigh). In the second case, a file with a quality close to the original will be sent, and in the third case, there will be a very strong compression.


Thanks to these options, you can save time and traffic when sending video (which is especially important when you need to send a long video over a slow or unstable mobile Internet). The choice of video quality before sending logically affects what file size the user will receive, and this also needs to be taken into account – if you know that your interlocutor has a weak connection or limited Internet, it is better to send him highly compressed videos.

Soon this innovation will appear in the stable versions of WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

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