WhatsApp officially says goodbye to the iPhone 4S

WhatsApp officially says goodbye to the iPhone 4S

The latest version of WhatsApp is no longer running on iOS 9, which means the Facebook-owned company is officially ending support for the iPhone, which is very popular even though it’s rarely used.

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The iPhone 4S, whose latest update is iOS 9, is no longer getting the new WhatsApp version. This popular messaging app will stop working at some point in the coming months when an update is needed. The iPhone 4 has not been supported by WhatsApp for a long time because the last version of iOS available for this device is iOS 7.

According to official support page WhatsApp, the messaging app requires iOS 10 and later for iPhone, as well as Android 4.0.3 and later for devices managed by the Google operating system.

WhatsApp stopped with iOS 9, and consequently happened to iPhone 4S which no longer received WhatsApp support, however this is unlikely to affect many users, as this device is very old and few people still have it.

iPhone 4S was officially launched with the iOS 5 system in the fall of 2011 and was officially discontinued in September 2014 after Apple launched the iPhone 6; so he is almost 10 years old. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant continued sales in certain markets until 2016.

While no exact figures are available at this time, it’s clear that few people are still using the iPhone 4S, as most Apple customers are already using newer devices that are still supported by Apple. iOS 14, for example, is still available on the iPhone 6s and later, including the iPhone SE.


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