WhatsApp Video Calls Now Available from Laptops

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WhatsApp on Thursday (4/3/21) announced that the phone and video call features were available for the WhatsApp Desktop service. Thus, now there is a way to video call WhatsApp from the latest laptops that netizens can easily take advantage of.

Whatsapp Video Calls Now Available From Laptops.jpg

Video call from a laptop using this new feature is also quite easy. The steps are also brief, as we outline below:

  1. Download and install WhatsApp Desktop on the laptop. This application is available for computers with an operating system of at least Windows 10 (64 bit version 1903) or macOS 10.13.
  2. Open the WhatsApp Desktop application on the laptop and also open your WhatsApp application on the cellphone
  3. Open the settings in the mobile application, then scan the WhatsApp Desktop QR code displayed on the laptop
  4. After WhatsApp Desktop is active, select the contact you want to contact via video call. Click the video call symbol near their name to get started
  5. Enjoy

An important note is that this feature is only available for WhatsApp Desktop and not for WhatsApp web which you can open via a browser on a laptop.

In addition, to make video calls via WhatsApp Desktop, make sure the laptop used has a microphone, speakers, a camera to exchange videos, and of course internet access.

In addition, WhatsApp also said that the video call feature on the Desktop was only available for one-on-one calls. The Facebook subsidiary said the group video call feature for WhatsApp Desktop would be available in the near future.

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