WhatsApp will insert ads directly into your chats

WhatsApp will insert ads directly into your chats

Facebook has confirmed the start of work on homomorphic encryption for WhatsApp, which will allow ads to be embedded directly into chats. The resource SlashGear told about it.

At the moment, end-to-end encryption does not allow analyzing the content of chats and voice calls, which means that targeted advertising in such a messenger is impossible. But Facebook – a company that makes money mostly from ads – needs a way to show them even on WhatsApp. Therefore, the company began working on a new encryption method – homomorphic.

It’s about showing users ads that are based on their dialogue right in chats. At the same time, Facebook cannot go beyond the generally accepted privacy standards – which means it cannot analyze chats to place targeted ads without losing its reputation and customers. Homomorphic encryption aims to solve this problem

Essentially, it is a cloud-based system that can parse encrypted data “as is” without having to decrypt it. In theory, this will allow users to use their data for their own benefit without violating generally accepted privacy practices. In order to analyze the data with end-to-end encryption, Facebook would need the keys to all WhatsApp conversations – and this would significantly damage the company’s reputation.

Homomorphic encryption is able to perform computations by interacting with encrypted packets and does not require an encryption key – it still remains only with the interlocutors. Experts argue that neural networks can analyze data without seeing its content. The first tests of homomorphic encryption were carried out already in 2009, when the industry faced a lack of computing power. Today, there will be no such shortage – and the introduction of advertising in encrypted chats may become a sad precedent, which will be followed by the largest corporations in the world.

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