WhatsApp will limit the account functionality of users who won’t adopt the new rules until May 15

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In a post on the service’s official support page, the developer of WhatsApp discussed what will happen to user accounts who won’t accept the new rules until May 15.

“In order for you to have enough time to get used to the changes at your own pace, we have extended the implementation deadline to May 15. If you haven’t received it, WhatsApp will not delete your account. However, the functionality of your WhatsApp account will be limited until the changes are accepted. For a short time, you will be able to receive calls and notifications; but you won’t be able to read or send messages on the app. The developer said in a message.

WhatsApp will limit the account functionality of users who won’t adopt the new rules until May 15

Service users must accept new rules for using couriers; or export their chat history and account reports to Android and iOS before May 15th. If you choose the second option, users can delete their WhatsApp account; but the developers warn that this is an irreversible process; and after deletion, the backup copy and all message history will be permanently deleted.

Remember that in the new usage rules Whatsapp suggests the possibility that the service will exchange user data with Facebook, who owns the messenger. Initially, the implementation of new regulations was planned at the beginning of the year; but this news caused outrage among users all over the world; and even led to an influx of people who prefer to use other messengers. User reactions have forced WhatsApp to delay the introduction of new rules; to try to convince the user to accept it.

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