WhatsApp Will not restrict Features for Users Who Reject New Privacy Rules

WhatsApp Will not restrict Features for Users Who Reject New Privacy Rules

Since May 15, 2021 WhatsApp has implemented a policy that urges its users to activate new privacy. In fact, Facebook, which is the owner of WhatsApp, once said that if users refused to set new privacy settings, the consequence would be that they would lose access to a number of features on WhatsApp.

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Now WhatsApp has discouraged this. The company has finally dropped the restrictions on WhatsApp features for users who don’t accept the app’s new privacy policy.

“In light of recent discussions with various privacy authorities and experts, we would like to make it clear that we will not be limiting the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not received the update,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said. The Verge.

WhatsApp’s new policy has sparked controversy and raised concerns for WhatsApp users if their personal data would be spread as a result of this new privacy rule.

In this regard, WhatsApp emphasized that the reason for the company’s change of mind was not because of anxiety about user data leaks. So far, WhatsApp has remained silent regarding the reason.

New Policy Canceled

Talking about features that could be limited to WhatsApp users who are reluctant to activate new privacy, they are as follows:

  1. Users can no longer upload status in the WhatsApp application.
  2. User cannot continue or forward messages from one chat to another.
  3. Users cannot manage and use messages broadcast and create new groups, but can still be added to groups from other people, even if the privacy settings allow.
  4. User cannot quote alias message mention members in groups, and cannot send voice messages, stickers, and other types of media within the WhatsApp application.
  5. Users will not be able to back up their history chat, if you turn off automatic backup.
  6. Users cannot use the Click To Chat service.
  7. User cannot export chat history.
  8. WhatsApp users on the iPhone cannot see the downloaded media, if it hasn’t been exported to the gallery before. As for the Android version of WhatsApp, users can still view media using the File Manager application.

Even so, in the future WhatsApp will still continue to remind users from time to time until they receive updates. The company hopes this approach can strengthen user choice.


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