Windows 11 will contain less bloatware

Windows 11 will contain less bloatware

Microsoft is going to reduce the number of applications preinstalled in Windows. With the release of Windows 11, there will be significantly fewer of them, but users will still be able to add them without even going to the Microsoft Store.

Icons for some applications will be added to the Start menu, and clicking on any of them will start downloading the application and installing it in the background. Now the company is promoting third-party applications and games in this way (that is, this is a kind of advertising).

It is known that Sticky Notes and Microsoft To-Do applications will disappear from Windows 11, they are no longer in fresh test builds of the operating system released as part of the Windows Insider program. It is possible that other programs that are now built into Windows 10 and test builds of Windows 11 will also fall under the knife, but Microsoft is unlikely to be very zealous in this direction.

What prompted Microsoft to take this step is unknown, but there may be several options. For example, Microsoft probably makes sure that as many users as possible migrate to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and older operating systems, and many people may simply not have enough storage space to install a new OS. Also, it should not be ruled out that the company fears that it will be accused of actions aimed at monopolizing the market, because together with Windows 11, the user could have the minimum required set of software and would not have looked for more advanced analogues. And so it will, and the software market will be more diverse and competitive.

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