Windows 11 will have 7 different versions including an unusual one

Windows 11 will have 7 different versions including an unusual one

Microsoft is going to provide users with seven different assemblies of Windows 11. This was told by the resource MSPowerUser with reference to the Bluetooth SIG.

According to the source, Microsoft has filed a declaration for registration of its products with an organization called the Bluetooth SIG, which is engaged in the certification of Bluetooth standards for applications, devices and operating systems. In the list posted on her website, you can count as many as seven assemblies of Windows 11. Here it is:

  • Windows 11 Home;
  • Windows 11 Pro;
  • Windows 11 Pro for Workstations;
  • Windows 11 Education;
  • Windows 11 Pro Education;
  • Windows 11 Enterprise;
  • Windows 11 Mixed Reality.

Some of the versions “overlap” with those in Windows 10 – for example, Windows 11 Pro, Home, Enterprise. Perhaps the difference between Home and Pro will be in the presence of BitLocker encryption, as was the case in the top ten. By the way, this list does not include the Long-Term Servicing Channel version that usually receives security patches for 10 years.

However, among the seven assemblies, there is one that stands out from the list. Take a look at Windows 11 Mixed Reality. It seems that for augmented and mixed reality devices – like the Holo Lens – the company has decided to release a full OS, not just an add-on.

Earlier, we covered what might prevent your PC from upgrading to Windows 11, and what solution Microsoft is offering. In addition, it became known that for a limited time, you will be able to rollback from Windows 11 to your old OS.

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