Windows 11 will support Android apps

Windows 11 will support Android apps

Windows 11 development log files have been leaked – and there is a mention of Android. This is reported by the MSPowerUser website.

According to the leaked documents, a Microsoft software engineer has reported on a fix for the Android emulator in a future version of Windows 11 Sun Valley. The results of work on the subsystem contain the following lines:

fix android emulator window is not movable when no frame

fix android emulator window doesn’t move and crash at minimize

This could mean that Microsoft has decided to expand the list of supported applications for its OS – and we are talking about the Microsoft Store. At the moment, it has published hundreds of times less software for Windows than it actually exists. Windows users are accustomed to downloading an .exe or .msi image of the desired program and installing it manually.

Windows 11 will support Android apps

Based on earlier leaks, it is assumed that Microsoft will allow Android software developers to package their applications in MSIX files and place them in the Microsoft Store. Once downloaded and installed, they will run in the Android emulator. That is, in fact, the company wants to increase the range of software in its app store at the expense of Android.

The experience of companies like Blackberry shows that emulating one system inside another is not a good idea. Usually, such a “design” seriously loads the hardware of the device – and among Windows laptops, there are many relatively weak office machines. Time will tell how widespread Android software will be on Windows. At this point, it is clear that it will hardly be possible to install it from .apk files like on smartphones – it looks like Microsoft will find other uses for Android applications.


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