X8 Sandbox Pro Mod Apk Latest Version For Android, iOS & PC

For online gamers on Android or iOS devices, certainly no stranger to the name X8 Sandbox Apk. For others, it may be different because this application is not available in the Playstore. Yes, you read correctly, indeed the application you are looking for is not there.

What is the actual application in question? What is its function for? Look, have you ever played a high graphics game on a mediocre device? Well, there, of course, do you often feel a heavy, lag, and crash? At least, this is one of the functions of the application that is not in the Playstore.

Besides that, the X8 Sandbox also has a myriad of other benefits that you need. As the name implies, you can set the speed of the game, slow or fast. In addition, another advantage of this application is apparently what many online gamers are looking for, which is that it can cheat and even give free diamonds.

X8 Sandbox at a Glance

For lovers of the Higgs Domino game, you must be familiar with this application. Yes, the X8 sandbox is a cheat application that is used to optimize the performance of the game being played. In general, this application is used in android online games such as Higgs domino, subway surfer, and so on.

Various cool features that can help make it easier to win in online android games are embedded in this application. Yes, in addition to the main function to increase speed in android online games. Various other faucet features are also available in this app.

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X8 Sandbox Apk Features

Talking about features, this application from China turns out to have a myriad of useful features in terms of games. What are the features in question? Here’s the full note!

1. No Ads

Have a cool app but lots of ads popping up? It hurts! Fortunately, X8 Sandbox Apk comes without annoying ads so you can focus on playing the game.

2. Anti Ban

The use of cheats is usually easy to get banned by the developer, this is natural because cheats include cheating methods that harm other players. But “he said”, the X8 Sandbox did not work with the penalty from the developer, you know! True or not, you should prove it yourself!

3. Very Light

The purpose of this application is to improve the gaming performance of the smartphone. Other benefits such as cheats and speed controllers are only added. So don’t be afraid even if your cellphone is in the “potato” category because this application will not aggravate the phone’s performance.

4. Booster Hack

As said above, this application is used to adjust the speed of games using the speed booster feature. But apparently, this apk is becoming more and more interesting because it can also be used to slow down the game. So it’s really easy to win the game if the speed can be adjusted?

5. Refresh Rate

Have a sophisticated cellphone but still have a small refresh rate? It’s very fitting if you use the X8 Sandbox. The reason is, that this application can increase the refresh rate up to 200 FPS. Please note that the refresh rate is the average speed of a cellphone to refresh the screen in terms of pixels. The higher the rating, the better and smoother the screen, which will not lag and crash due to heavy loads.

6. Resolution

Not only is the refresh rate you can set, but you can also adjust the resolution according to your needs. Let’s just say that you play heavy games and your cellphone is not capable because the resolution is too high, just use the X8 Sandbox and set it to the lowest resolution, just play!

7. Picture in Picture

Are you playing a game, there’s an incoming message? Gotta get out of the game! Don’t worry, the PIP (Picture in Picture) feature doesn’t require you to exit by pressing the home button. Just continue playing, open the message, and reply. Then you can go back to playing the game.

X8 Sandbox Latest Update Features

The advantage of using this one application is that it is often updated.

  • Simpler view.
  • Dual account.
  • No root.
  • Self-root.
  • Many plugins are available.
  • Does not require special access permissions.

Download X8 Sandbox Apk

Are all the features above enough to make you interested and immediately want to download X8 Sandbox Apk? Okay calm down, because we explained earlier that you won’t get it on the Playstore, then you have to download it directly on the official website.

It’s really easy, you visit the site https://proapk.in with the device you are using. Immediately press download X8 Sandbox and wait for the process to complete and be stored in the device memory. Or you can also download it at the following link – https://proapk.in/go/PS1iFIYKGBwApbsCadfEeFlgiHnikbktwc3A0REdMRlgxNFRPNmE2MFFFaG1TcTFsRUlzV2NoNnFNdnZXNkVGMkxJYXFsb1Z1a3dqWGw0ekxvOFFJTzdhMUltQ0w0SS84b1g3VkgzYmc3TW11NjYwU3g2YTdyRWxZTm41ZTNPbVRDOUMyWWhVSkEzUFErTGVSNEZGV3FZbjJPK1dCbkNoN1o0YXpsOXBOT01mZmJkYkFuK0xqUmhsQjlHa3ZCN3drPQ==

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X8 Sandbox Compatible Games

Not all games can be played with this cheat application. Only games that are already supported and currently there are not many. The following is a list of games that support the X8 Sandbox application.

  • Higgs Domino Island
  • Subway Surfer
  • Domino RP APK
  • Soul Knight
  • BrownDust
  • Free Fire
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Food Fantasy
  • Game Fate_Go


That’s the discussion about the advantages and features of X8 Sandbox Apk which can be obtained. If you are interested, just download and use it! Because there is a new feature that is without requiring root on the device.

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