Xbox consoles may get Android Apps support through Android Sub System

Xbox consoles may get Android Apps support through Android Sub System

Windows 11 will be released on October 15, but the new operating system will not have the most important innovation announced back in June – the ability to run applications and games for Android.

Twitter user with the nickname Walking Cat discovered in the Microsoft Store, the Windows Subsystem for Android app. Probably, it will be used to implement the integration of Android into Windows 11. As the experiment showed, it is not installed on computers with Windows 10 (which is quite expected), but on Windows 11 it is installed and even started, but displays only an empty window.

Windows 11

This appendix contains several interesting points that Microsoft has not previously covered. First, the system requirements are indicated – a processor based on ARM64 or x64 architecture and at least 8 GB of RAM. But what’s even more interesting is that the supported platform, in addition to Windows 11, is the Xbox. This means that Microsoft plans to make it possible to run Android games on Xbox game consoles. It is possible that it was precisely because of the solution of this ambitious task that the integration of the Android subsystem into the new Microsoft OS was delayed.

As announced earlier, the Amazon App Store will be built into the Microsoft Store, which will allow you to install applications and games created for Android on computers. Applications will launch in windows as desktop programs – with the ability to pin to the taskbar, drag and drop, zoom, minimize, expand to full screen, multitask, etc.

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