Xiaomi 11T Review: Affordable Flagship Suitable for Content, Work and Entertainment

Xiaomi 11T Review: Affordable Flagship Suitable for Content, Work and Entertainment

Xiaomi 11T can be an option for those of you who want to change smartphone with performance, camera and features flagship but the price is quite affordable.

How not, the Xiaomi 11T which is priced at Rp. 5,999,000 has been supported by AMOLED screen features, 108MP main camera, 8GB RAM and 256GB memory, Extendable RAM features up to 11GB, MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset, refresh rate 120Hz, up to dual-speaker Dolby Atmos technology.

Our experience using smartphone In this case, the Xiaomi 11T offers a screen display that spoils the eyes, good for watching streaming movies to playing games. Not only that, the Xiaomi 11T also offers high performance, this is reflected in its ability to play games.

When used to play PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile games for half an hour each, the device also doesn’t heat up too fast. The game progresses with smooth and the graphics are pretty good too.

We also tried recording videos and taking photos in various conditions. The result is for video capture, the resulting sound is heard clearly thanks to the features zoom audio. The details of the recorded image are also quite good and the AI ​​used is able to automatically adjust the background blur.

For taking photos, the Xiaomi 11T is able to provide excellent and clear photo quality. Especially for taking macro photos.

However, based on our experience, the Xiaomi 11T also has its drawbacks. For example weight smartphone which is heavy enough to make users unable to use it for long to play games.

Another thing we highlight is the lack of a microSD slot for expanding memory. This means that users must be satisfied with 256GB of memory capacity.

We also regret that this Xiaomi 11T, Xiaomi does not provide it with features adaptive refresh rate. In fact, if this feature exists, the device battery can be saved more.


– Elegant and premium design

– AMOLED screen is pleasing to the eye

– Dual-speaker Dolby Atmos technology

– Extendable RAM feature up to 11GB

– 67W charging that cuts charging time, less than 40 minutes. The device is also power efficient

– Excellent video and photo recording results, especially for macro


– The smartphone is too thick and heavy so it is not comfortable to hold for a long time

– There is no memory slot so the storage capacity cannot be expanded

– Lack of adaptive refresh rate feature.

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