Xiaomi introduces Smart Glasses Equipped with 5MP Camera

Xiaomi introduces Smart Glasses Equipped with 5MP Camera

Xiaomi introduces its newest smart wearable device, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. Weighing 51 grams, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses are capable of displaying messages and notifications, making calls, navigation services, capturing photos and translating text right in front of the user’s eyes.

The future is in sight

To get a shape resembling ordinary glasses, a number of challenges in the placement of components and appearance must be overcome. Xiaomi Smart Glasses adopt MicroLED imaging technology to reduce space requirements in terms of the structure of the glasses design, including the weight of the device.

In order to mount the display device into the eyeglass frame, MicroLED technology is the best choice. Like OLED, MicroLED pixels light up individually so the display can be brighter with deeper blacks. With a simpler structure, MicroLED has a higher pixel density and a longer lifespan. These advantages pave the way for a more compact display as well as easier integration with eyeglass lenses.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses only have a display chip measuring 2.4 x 2.02 millimeters. To ensure sufficient light to pass through a fairly complex optical structure before reaching the eye even in the heat of the day, the choice fell to the monochrome screen because it is very efficient and capable of displaying a maximum brightness level of up to 2 million nits.

The microscopic lattice structure etched into the inner surface of the lens allows light to be refracted in a unique way, and is safe for the human eye. Before reaching the eye, the light beam is reflected many times so that it can see with the full picture and increase usability when worn. This whole process takes place in a single lens compared to other products that still use a multiple lens or mirror system. Optical waveguide technology has significantly reduced the size and weight of Xiaomi Smart Glasses so that these smart glasses can approach the shape of glasses in general.

Independent wearable

Xiaomi introduces Smart Glasses Equipped with 5MP Camera

Xiaomi Smart Glasses integrate as many as 497 components including sensors and communication modules in a small size, so it is not just a “second screen” of your smartphone, but functions as a smart terminal with independent operational capabilities. In addition to displaying notifications and calls, he can also perform functions independently such as navigation, taking photos, being a teleprompter, and translating text and images directly.

On the usage side, Xiaomi Smart Glasses apply key interaction logic to reduce distractions at inappropriate times, and only display important information when needed. An example is a notification that is impossible to display entirely in front of the user’s eyes because it is annoying. For this reason, this device selects and displays the most important messages such as smart home alarms, urgent messages from prioritized contacts, so that users do not get distracted.

Answering voice calls is the most natural scenario in using Xiaomi Smart Glasses, users can see the number of the person calling. Using a microphone and speaker that is arranged with beamforming technology inside the device, both parties can hear the other person’s voice clearly.

In addition, the navigation function becomes important when driving a vehicle. Xiaomi Smart Glasses can display a map right in front of the user directly so that attention is not distracted from the road. This is done to ensure safety and comfort while driving.

The 5MP camera in front of the glasses can be used to take photos and translate text directly, a feature that makes it very convenient when traveling to a foreign place. By utilizing a microphone and translation algorithm, Xiaomi Smart Glasses are able to transcribe audio into text with live translation. The indicator light on the side of the camera will light up during use to indicate that the device is taking pictures.

To be able to operate with these features, it requires a number of components that are installed into the glasses such as quad-core ARM processor, battery, touch pad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module, Android operating system, and more. With these many features, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses only weigh 51 grams and resemble ordinary glasses but at the same time surpass the capabilities of other smart glasses.

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