Xiaomi launched a $ 30 Smart Multifunctional Cooking Pot

Xiaomi launched a $ 30 Smart Multifunctional Cooking Pot

Mijia, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, has launched a fundraising campaign to create a Smart Multi-function Cooking Pot 1.5L. The offer is now available through the Xiaomi Mall crowdfunding platform. This was told by the Asian resource Gizmochina.

According to official sources, Mijia’s Smart Pot is designed for simple cooking. It has a rated power of 1000 watts and can operate in an energy-saving mode – in this case, the power will be automatically regulated in the range from 300 to 800 watts. An LED display was placed on the handle of the device to make the pan more intuitive.

The main functionality of the device is implemented in a variety of ways. First of all, the device is quite powerful. Xiaomi promises that a liter of water will boil a new pot in just 6 minutes. The device has 9 levels of “fire power” adjustment, which may be required for cooking different types of food. The pot has a capacity of 1.5 liters.


Mijia has built several cooking options into its appliance: stewing, boiling, steam cooking. In addition, users of the device, through the Mijia app, will have access to 50 recipes from the company, created especially for this casserole. Each recipe has a cooking algorithm inside, and the buyer only needs to lay down the ingredients of the dish. The application can be used not only to select recipes, but also to control the device remotely.

The cost of the “smart” pan Mijia Smart Multi-function Cooking Pot 1.5L is 169 yuan (about $ 26), and after leaving the edge funding it will cost 199 yuan (about $ 30). The sale will be launched on September 15, 2021, while only in China. It is possible that the device (which, in fact, is a kind of iteration of a multicooker) will soon appear on AliExpress.

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