Xiaomi Working on A New Mi Band With 360° Screen

Xiaomi Working on A New Mi Band With 360° Screen

Mi Band is Xiaomi’s very popular and best-selling fitness tracker product thanks to its various features and affordable price tag. Mi Band 6, the latest version launched this year, sold more than 1 million units in less than a month after it officially launched.

Didn’t expect that Xiaomi would announce its successor this year, but there is a high probability that the Chinese manufacturer could be working on more than one new Mi Band new product.

Alongside the successor to Mi Band 6, a new report reveals that Xiaomi is planning a concept version dubbed Mi Band X which will have a 360° cover display.

News about Mi Band X first appeared on Weibo through a user named @我才是羽度非凡. The post reveals that Xiaomi is working on a Mi Band with a flexible display that goes around the entire circumference of the device so it doesn’t need a strap.

Through this post, he considered the Mi Band X as an advanced version of the Nubia Alpha and Nubia Watch. The source backs up the leak with an image that appears to be from a Xiaomi event.

Xiaomi Working on A New Mi Band With 360° Screen

It is still unknown when Xiaomi will announce this product. will it be available for purchase or just Xiaomi showing users what can be done like the Mi MIX Alpha.

If indeed the Mi Band X is available for purchase, then you can expect it to be significantly cheaper than any of the Mi Band fitness trackers that have been announced. It’s just a matter of time until Xiaomi announces it.

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