Xiaomi’s ambition to be the world’s No.1 smartphone brand have shaken Samsung and Apple

Xiaomi's ambition to be the world's No.1 smartphone brand have shaken Samsung and Apple

Xiaomi is currently in the number 3 position thanks to strong performances in recent years. The technology company from China has now announced its projections for the next five years, and the target is ready to shift the dominance of Samsung and Apple in the smartphone business.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group and Redmi GM, reported that the company now has high hopes of becoming the world’s number one smartphone vendor in the next three to five years. And then replace Samsung as the smartphone market leader which they have occupied for a long time.

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Weibing also said that Xiaomi’s cellphone business is now targeting to surpass Apple and become the world’s number 2 smartphone vendor this year. According to the latest data released by market research firm Canalys in April this year, it shows that global smartphone shipments reached 347 million in the first quarter of 2021.

Xiaomi's ambition to be the world's No.1 smartphone brand have shaken Samsung and Apple

Among them, Samsung was ranked first with a 22% share and shipped 76.5 million units. Apple followed suit with shipments of 52.4 million units, with a share of 15%. Meanwhile, in the third seat, there is Xiaomi with a year-on-year growth (YoY) of 62%. To be interesting, the article is the fastest growing rate in the world with shipments of 49 million units.

Now the company from China also captures up to 14% market share, with the difference between Apple and Xiaomi only around 3 million units.

Of course Apple must be vigilant, because through Xiaomi’s latest flagship product, Mi 11 Ultra, then Mi MIX Fold, and other premium models will help the company achieve impressive sales margins in the high-end market. Then Xiaomi over the years has also earned a reputation as well as a good impression on premium smartphones that are known to always have affordable selling prices.

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Apple itself is predicted not to launch a new model in the near future so it is not impossible for Xiaomi to sell more units than Apple in Q2.

However, based on the speculation that if overtaken by Xiaomi, Apple will likely be able to return to the number two position in the third quarter, or fourth when it launches a flagship model in 2021. In addition, Apple is also certain to continue to dominate the top position in terms of revenue.


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