Yahoo Officially Terminates Yahoo Answers Service On May 4, 2021

Yahoo Officially Terminates Yahoo Answers Service On May 4, 2021

But as with Yahoo’s own fate, the service gradually lost its fame and users, eventually becoming a story that few people know that the service still exists.

Yahoo Officially Terminates Yahoo Answers Service On May 4, 2021

In fact, the number of users still accessing Yahoo Answers lately is so small that Yahoo as the parent company took a clear decision and decided to discontinue the service.

Yahoo Answers will stop operating on May 4th, all links on the Q&A platform will only redirect users to the main Yahoo homepage.

If you still have data stored on Yahoo Answers, you can retrieve it by June 30th.

“Your Yahoo Answers data download will generate all user-generated content including a list of questions, questions, answer lists, answers, and pictures, or anything else that was previously posted. You will not be able to download other users’ content, questions, or answers. Downloading of content is optional. However, if you choose to download Answers content, you must do so by 30 June 2021. Our team is working as quickly as possible to provide data, but it can take up to 30 days for your content to be downloaded. “ Yahoo explains.

Starting April 20, users will no longer be able to post new questions and answers, after which the shutdown will take place on May 4 for good.

Yahoo does not have a platform to replace Yahoo Answers, so Yahoo recommends users go to Yahoo Search for information or anything else they might need.

Yahoo admits that interest in the platform has been decreasing in recent times, so they just want to direct its resources to other products that make more sense. No other specific information has been shared, but the demise of the Yahoo Answers platform has signaled the decline of Yahoo in recent years.


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