Your next laptop will have Notch. Why is everyone copying Apple again?

Your next laptop will have Notch. Why is everyone copying Apple again?

Before the release of the MacBook Pro, Apple surprised us – new laptops will get Notch like the iPhone. She seeks to remove it from smartphones, and then adds it to another type of device.

The reaction is clear: Apple has mutilated laptops and made them impossible to look at. Only for such people there is unpleasant news – it is highly likely that next year we will see a series of laptops from A-brands with just such a design element.

Only this decision should be rejoicing. Let me explain why.

Remember how you felt about the “Notch” of the iPhone


In 2017, everyone reacted exactly the same to the “notch” in the iPhone X. Apple smartphones were considered the standard of style in the smartphone industry, and here the company adds a design element so ridiculous at first glance.

Only in winter, renders of Android smartphones with the same cutout for the camera appeared on the network, and in the winter of 2018 at the MWC exhibition, manufacturers arranged a real challenge for the presentation of “notch” – they seriously compared their area, shape and other insignificant elements.

Even then, it could be recognized: the cutout for the camera has long become a familiar design element in the smartphone industry. As usual, Samsung also changed shoes – the company made fun of the “Notch” in a series of ridiculous commercials, but then added an O-neck. You can justify the company that this is not a “Notch”, but the concept is the same – a cutout for the front camera in the screen to increase the usable area.

The “Notch” on smartphones were breaking user patterns about how a smartphone should look, which is why it annoyed them so much. But as soon as she got used to it, they stopped paying attention to her.

“This reaction is quite common at first glance. First impressions are based on an established understanding of familiar things, and not from the point of view of daily practical use, “- said former Apple chief designer Jony Ive about the first AirPods. The situation is exactly the same with the cutouts for the camera.

“Notch” is rational

Your next laptop will have Notch. Why is everyone copying Apple again?

The cutout for the camera in the Apple laptop appeared four years later than in the smartphone, although here it looks even more appropriate. The area where it sits is dead – look at the laptop screen right now. If you fill this space with a cutout for the camera, the laptop will become more comfortable.

If for smartphones, frame reduction is more of a trend and an attempt to look modern, then for laptops this is a really important feature. The larger the usable area on the front panel, the larger the screen can fit into a compact body. And the ergonomics of the laptop depends on the dimensions – how comfortable it will be to carry it in a bag and hold it in your hand.

“Notch” is the only competent solution for placing a webcam

Your next laptop will have Notch. Why is everyone copying Apple again?

I’ve tested dozens of laptops with atypical webcam locations. And I have never been pleased with this moment yet.

As a rule, it is placed either on the lower edge of the frame instead of the logo, or it is built into the keyboard and made pull-out. Both solutions are inconvenient. In the first case, the camera shows you at an unfortunate angle from which, for example, the second chin can be seen. In the second, the angle of view is not adjusted, which limits the functionality of the camera.

In this case, “Notch” is the most uncompromising solution. The usable area increases, the screen becomes larger while maintaining the dimensions of the case, while the camera is located in the most convenient and familiar place.

Let me remind you that they began to pay special attention to the webcam during the pandemic, when offline meetings changed their calls. So Apple did the right thing and showed the competitor how to do it. Be sure they will follow her soon.

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