YouTube is testing Emoji reaction feature

Google has started testing a new kind of viewer feedback.

We are talking about reactions to videos using emoji. This type of interaction is now very popular and is being actively introduced by many vendors: the latest emoji reactions have been introduced into VK and Telegram, and WhatsApp is testing this feature.

But viewers won’t just be able to leave reactions below the video. YouTube will allow you to react to individual moments of videos – that is, most likely, you will be able to leave an unlimited number of reactions under one video.

It is organized like this: under each video there will be a separate reaction panel, and on it you can see emoji for each moment of the video. Any viewer will have access to the reactions of everyone else, and he will be able to attach his emoji to the total mass. A YouTube representative said that the company is now testing several sets of reactions during the test period, and it will change depending on the results of the experiment.

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