Youtube Premium Users Reach 50 Million

Youtube Premium Users Reach 50 Million

In its official statement, YouTube claims the number of subscribers to YouTube Music and its Premium service has now reached 50 million last August.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are growing rapidly in countries such as Korea, India, Japan, Russia, and Brazil.

However, the report does not detail the number of YouTube Music and Premium subscribers, respectively, and how many are simply taking advantage of the offer trial for three months.

However, the entertainment platform’s subscribers have skyrocketed since last December 2020. At that time, YouTube announced the number of subscribers to its music streaming platform reached 30 million subscribers.

And success stories to increase the number of users on premium services, one of the strategies is to provide exclusive benefits for their members.

Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music YouTube recounts as an example of the exclusivity provided by his subscribers such as the Tim McGraw event which held a special birthday party for Premium members, and released his new music video.

“An intimate fan experience like this is a win-win solution for artists and Premium members, so expect more in the future,” said Cohen.

To note, YouTube offers a YouTube Music subscription package at the lowest price of IDR 49,000 for one month. While the YouTube Premium package, which can be used to access YouTube content and YouTube Music, is ad-free, the cheapest price is set at IDR 59,000.

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